Job County By Industry

The U.S. Census jobs data provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on Maui County’s employment landscape, including statistics on job growth, unemployment rates, industry trends, and workforce demographics, enabling policymakers and analysts to make informed decisions…Read More

Hawaii Tourism Dashboard

The State of Hawaii’s tourism dashboard tracks Maui County’s visitor spending, length of stay, and air travel statistics, offering valuable insights to comprehensively assess the impact of tourism on the County’s economy and infrastructure.

Maui County Census Housing Data

U.S. Census housing data provides valuable insights into the nation’s housing characteristics, occupancy rates, and trends, aiding policymakers and researchers in understanding the housing landscape across the country.

Housing Market Dashboard

The State of Hawaii’s housing dashboard provides up-to-date tracking of housing-related data, such as home sales and building permit issuances, offering valuable insights to assess the effectiveness of measures taken to address the housing crisis.