Maui County Kākou Part 4: Giving Testimony

Part 4 of the Maui County Kākou Civic Engagement Video series provides guidance on participating in the civic process through written and oral testimony, offering insights and tips for effective preparation and delivery.

Maui County Kākou Part 3: Reading An Agenda

Part 3 of the Maui County Kākou Civic Engagement Video series delves into understanding the contents of a Council meeting agenda, the scope of Council actions, the Sunshine Law’s significance, and locating available meeting agendas.

Five Ways to Increase Civic Engagement

Five strategies to promote civic engagement among elementary students, focusing on service-learning projects, extracurricular activities, class discussions and debates, role plays and simulations, and home-school connections.

How To Increase Civic Engagement

The article offers a comprehensive guide to increasing civic engagement, emphasizing the importance of participating in local government, voting, staying informed, getting to know representatives, attending local meetings, joining groups, volunteering, and creating inclusive civic…Read More