Maui County Demographic Census Data

The U.S. Census demographic data provides information on Maui County’s population, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, household composition, educational attainment, and other key characteristics, 

The Challenge of Making it in Hawaii-

Explores the hardships faced by individuals trying to establish a life in Hawaii, including the soaring cost of living, the lack of affordable housing, and the limited job opportunities that hinder people’s ability to thrive…Read More

Quality of Life in Hawaii 2022 Update

The report provides an update to the Quality of Life (QOL) indicators for Hawai‘i, focusing on the well-being of the community economic, education, environment, health, housing, transportation, and social related issues.

Trends Maui Nui 2020

Trends Maui Nui 2020 offers an extensive compilation of comparative data and narratives, aiming to provide essential information for the Maui Nui community’s future decision-making and economic diversification.

Maui County Economic Census Data

The US Census Economic data for Maui County provides information on the county’s economic performance, including industries, employment trends, income levels, and other economic indicators.