Governor’s Office | July 2023

Governor Josh Green Housing Emergency Proclamation

Read more about this boldbold measure aimed at addressing the critical housing crisis with urgent and comprehensive actions.

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UHERO | June 2023

The Hawaii Housing Handbook

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Maui Now | June 2023

Mayor Signs 1.07 Billion dollar budget into law. Includes funds for affordable housing.

County increased funding for affordable housing, and $184 million for capital projects and infrastructure, aiming to improve the lives of residents and address the county’s housing and financial needs.

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Hawaii DBEDT | March 2023

Housing Market Dashboard

The State of Hawaii’s housing dashboard provides up-to-date tracking of housing-related data, such as home sales and building permit issuances, offering valuable insights to assess the effectiveness of measures taken to address the housing crisis.

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Maui Now | March 2023

Maui Median Home Price is 1.2 million, Up 1.9% in March 2023- April 24,2023

Spotlights the challenges faced by individuals struggling to afford a home on Maui. 

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Maui News | March 2023

Maui County’s 5000 Home Goal Could Take Much Longer

Discusses the challenges and potential delays in achieving Maui County’s goal of building 5,000 new homes due to, factors such as limited funding, infrastructure constraints, and community resistance.

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DBEDT | March 2023

Hawaii Tourism Dashboard

The State of Hawaii’s tourism dashboard tracks Maui County’s visitor spending, length of stay, and air travel statistics, offering valuable insights to comprehensively assess the impact of tourism on the County’s economy and infrastructure.

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Civil Beat | March 2023

The Challenge of Making it in Hawaii-

Explores the hardships faced by individuals trying to establish a life in Hawaii, including the soaring cost of living, the lack of affordable housing, and the limited job opportunities that hinder people’s ability to thrive and succeed in the state.

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Urban Institute | February 2023

Seven Ways to Improve Community Involvement in Local Policymaking

Seven actionable reforms to enhance community involvement in local policymaking, aiming to counteract the influence of privileged individuals in community processes and promote inclusivity for addressing critical challenges such as housing, climate, and equity, without extensive financial resources.

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US Census Bureau | December 2022

Maui County Census Housing Data

U.S. Census housing data provides valuable insights into the nation’s housing characteristics, occupancy rates, and trends, aiding policymakers and researchers in understanding the housing landscape across the country.

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